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(Preview) Deathlist. The Blockchain Murders (ENG)

(Preview) Deathlist. The Blockchain Murders (ENG)

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In 2035, Rachel Sauer, a blockchain expert, lives in an America where citizens have lost all privacy, technology has taken over everyone’s lives, self-driving cars are the norm, bitcoin wallets are anonymous, and a program called DeathList is wreaking havoc in all corners of the country. 


DeathList is a legal cryptocurrency auction market where one can request to have their cheating spouse killed, or finally get the ultimate revenge on a terrible boss. Post-COVID and privacy concerns forced everyone to wear facemasks.

Bounty hunting is the newest lucrative career. Thanks to widely available face-recognition technology and cameras constantly recording everyone’s movements, no one is safe. All someone has to do is add your name to a growing list of potential victims, and if the price is right, anyone, anywhere can assassinate you.


Rachel hates DeathList. She wants nothing more than to see it brought down, but she feels powerless to stop the silent, omniscient monster. So, she’s floored when her skills land her an offer to join the Cyber Dismantlement Team (CDT), a secret FBI initiative tasked with destroying DeathList once and for all.


She readily accepts the job; this is her chance to change the world for the better. But as she gets more involved with the CDT, she starts to question what this clandestine organization is really up to. She can’t be sure if the true monster is DeathList, or the people put in place to take it down.


Though DeathList is set in the future, all the technology featured in this novel is technology available today (China’s social credit, cryptocurrencies, privacy laws).


This is one of the first few crime thrillers written that incorporates blockchain and cryptocurrency; a subgenre of sci-fi that’s sure to grow in the coming years, as cryptocurrency becomes more commonplace.


DeathList may appeal to fans of Black Mirror, Kill Process by William Hurtling, Mr. Robot, and other near-future speculative sci-fi. 

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