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The Agile Lifestyle (ENG)

The Agile Lifestyle (ENG)

When businesses want to succeed, the first step they take is to devise an active plan. Some of the world’s most accomplished industry leaders have learned that it isn’t enough to simply survive in the current economy. They understand that the only way to stay alive is to thrive.


As such, the strategies these companies employ to reach their goals have proven to be effective in ensuring fiscal health and corporate longevity.

So impressive are these agile methodology tactics, that it seemed only logical they be implemented to achieve personal benefits as well.

By adapting and applying some of the same core techniques that are used for building software and task management, for use in our everyday lives, we can accomplish amazing results.

Within the pages of The Agile Lifestyle, complete at 29,500 words, the reader is taken on a guided and detailed journey of self-improvement.

The 10 Step Plan presents a solid foundation upon which to structure ones objectives, motivation, priorities and more. With the inclusion of enjoyable activities and daily markers, those hoping to enhance their life will begin to see how simple and pleasant the process can actually be. 

The Perfect Day procedure assists the reader in envisioning the nuances of what such a day might consist of for them. 

Each exercise is designed to secure the greatest outcome, without it feeling like a chore.

With documented case studies to substantiate the effectiveness of this plan, and forms for the user to have at their disposal, this book will surely earn a place in the home of anyone ready to make a positive lifestyle change.


I am an experienced author with a collection of ten novels to my name, all published in Latin America (Argentina/Paraguay) and Spain. I was a 2006 finalist in Argentina’s National Novel contest, with two of my titles among the top 10. After having spent over twenty years managing complex transformational projects for major well-known corporations in six different countries,

I decided to expand my literary focus to another genre, and compose a motivational book that would assist people in bettering their life’s experience.  I currently reside in Houston, Texas with my wife and two lovely children, a Labrador Retriever from hell, two Alexas, and a godsend Roomba.

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